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Marriage Customs and Rituals Around the Globe

Marriage is the bringing together of two. Two people, two families, two tribes, two incomes. Even today, marriage will bring cultures and peoples together. There are many reasons for two individuals to get married. In the case of most marriages, that reason is love, but that is not the only reason.

In the case of arranged marriages, two families wish their children to wed each other, hence joining the families, or professional marriage arrangers can find a "match" for the parties. In some cultures, the union is about economics, where love takes a back seat to the marriage and is something that grows over time.

Weddings are full of symbolism where seemingly innocent or innocuous things have deep roots in the individual culture, and reflect long past and sometimes current customs. Wedding customs borrow from all other cultures, wedding veils from the Far East, for example.

By following the links on the menus at the bottom of this page , you can learn about the marriage customs from around the world and perhaps connect a little more with your own culture, or find an interesting custom that you would like to "borrow" from another to spice up your own wedding.

If you would like to add a wedding story or a marriage custom to our list, feel free to do so.

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