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There are so many types of event photography: wedding, corporate, sporting and other special occasions. You might be confused with just what to look for when you choose an event photographer. The below guidelines may help you in your decision making.

Not everyone doing event photography is created equal. Even in the area of event photography there are specialties. Someone who does weddings, birthdays and other family events is called a social photographer. Someone who does conferences, tradeshows and galas, on the other hand, is considered to be a corporate event photographer. When hiring someone to do your special event, make sure you are aware of their specialty or whether they specialize in both! The most talented wedding photographer may not be the best choice for your upcoming, fast-paced, multi-faceted annual conference.

The style of event photography you want will help choose the photographer. Are you interested in traditional photography with formal poses? Or are you looking for a photographer that can capture more spontaneous shots? Maybe you want both! Whatever the style, when looking for someone to hire for your event photography, you need to look at portfolios! If you don’t know the exact terminology for the style of photography you desire, look through magazines to find samples of the style you are seeking. Then ask to see any similar work the photographer may have.

You really shouldn’t be the person asking all the questions about the event photography, either. The event photographer you are interviewing for the job should be asking you questions, too! What is the event? Are there multiple locations with different lighting needs? What are your expectations? The more they know about the event, the more samples they can show you of similar work.













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