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..... for all of your wedding needs. Wedding invitations are the front line of the weddings, they are the first form of contact when planning a wedding, a wedding invitation then must represent you and that is why our invitations are great. We also focus on invitation as birthdays, baptisms, engagement parties, corporate events and so on.

A wedding invitation is a letter asking the recipient to attend a wedding. They are typically mailed out six to eight weeks before the wedding date. Wedding invitations can sometimes have calligraphy on them. Other types of printing include engraving, thermography, letterpress printing and sometimes blind embossing. Most of time, they are mailed in double envelopes. The inner envelope can be lined in a matching color, is not gummed, and fits into the outer envelope. The outer envelope is gummed for sealing and addressing.

A Response Card
Sending a response card along with the wedding invitation is often a polite, inclusive way to help ensure the invitation returns to you. The ensemble may also include a folder and envelope. The respond card or folder is traditionally used for gathering totals for the caterer and getting a general number of guests attending. The recipient is asked to mail back the responce card or folder roughly two weeks before the wedding or by the date indicated. The envelope is pre-addressed and pre-stamped by the wedding party for easy return by the prospective guest.

Other pieces often included in the ensemble are the reception card or folder, map or direction card, and accommodation information. The reception card simply lists the addresses and times of any post-wedding events, such as a cocktail hour, dinner or dance. Map or direction cards provide details about the location of the wedding and reception. The accommodation information gives helpful tips about airfare, transportation or hotel arrangements for out-of-town guests. Local attractions may be featured as well. Oftentimes the accommodation information is sent in advance with the save the dates.

Wedding Invitation Tips
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