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Baptism Documentation

Baptism is generally a water purification ritual practiced in many of various religions including Christianity, Mandaeanism, and Sikhism. Christian baptism is believed by many to have its origins with the Jewish ritual of mikvah. The word baptize derives from the Greek word which loosely means "to dip, bathe, or wash". (Middle English baptizen, from Old French baptiser, from Late Latin baptizare, from Greek baptizein, from baptein, to dip.) Whatever the ritual, we all want the same thing, a lasting memory in the form of a Baptism video or photo album.

To some groups it is a matter of religious conviction to assert that baptism is literally equivalent to, to plunge something entirely into the water, so that the water closes over it. To other groups, baptism is a symbolic term meaning "identification with" (e.g. Jesus) having no connection with earthly ritual.

With a Baptism , there are many that are celebrated in Houston. With the celebration comes the need to have a photographer or videographer to share the moment. We specialize in area Baptismal documentations.

So if you want to setup a Baptism, then look no further for your photography needs then with Houston Wedding Center in Houston, Texas.


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