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Wedding Video and Photography Tips

With all the important wedding decisions to be made it is sometimes easy to forget that hiring a professional wedding photographer is essential to preserving your memories for the rest of your lives.

Our photographers are available not only for the most important part of you wedding but for the entire day and the other days leading up to the big day. Your wedding photography can catalogue all the steps leading up to your wedding such as your Ceremony and reception location before and after all the decorations and themes are set up.

Having more than one photographer might be something you want to consider because they can photograph your guests as they arrive, along with taking pictures of all your friends and families together. Our photographers can also be present to document the entire day, from the bride getting her hair & nails done, to after fitting of the wedding dress. A lot of people may not think about why documenting the entire day is important but wouldn't it be nice later on to remember every part about that special day using photography and to see what everyone had to go through to make all your wedding wishes come true.

Along with taking photos, our photographers are also able to provide video and video editing services. Wouldn't it be nice to have video of your friends and family at the church as they arrive? Your Houston photographer can even take video of your friends and family to hear their thoughts about the wedding and about the lucky couple. You can have a chance to hear what some of your guests had to say that you would not normally hear if you didn't have a Houston wedding photographer going around and interviewing your guests.

Your wedding photographer can also be there to videotape the bride and groom getting prepared for the big day. They can provide a view into what both bride and groom had to go through so that both can see what each other's day was like leading up to the ceremony.

Along with capturing all of your memories, we use the latest in digital technology. This makes it extremely easy to provide all of your family and friends with lasting memories that everyone will be able to view easily. Instead of printed photographs, you may choose to provide your guests each with a copy of the images or video in digital format or on a DVD or CD, which is a great and inexpensive way to please all of your guests.

Even though the most important part of the day is saying "I do", it's the memories that you take from that day that will make it all the more special.

Video Editing Tips

If you are a videographer video taping a Houston wedding party or a Richmond Hill baptism or a Thornhill Bar Mitzvah, it is important to be able to complete the video by editing its contents into a presentable finished product. It is vital to maximum quality on the video that was just made. It is important to note that expensive editing equipment does not guarantee better results than less-expensive editing jobs, very important to keep in mind. So below are 10 points that touch upon keys to best video editing tips:

1. Make the subject of the video, could be the bride and groom of a Scarborough wedding party the centerpiece of the video. Whatever you do, never cut off their heads; you would not do it in a photo, don’t do it in a video. A complete shot of the main focal point is very important.
2. With video, there will be a lot of movement, so if the subject will be a baptized child, bride and groom, always make the scenes very interesting. Have them portrayed in a very peculiar manner, if it is a Houston wedding, have them do things that married couples are comfortable doing in public and in front of the camera. If there are looking at someone or something, make sure you get that clearly on film.

3. Also, make sure that you get your subjects in different angles. Get them to pose in their comfortable selves and you take shots in different camera angles. You, shooting the videos can move at will and take shots of the subjects, be it a married couple of a Niagara Falls wedding.

4. Technical “things” such as zoom, and film rolling can affect the battery life of a camera especially if you are moving around wirelessly in a reception of a wedding, so avoid using the zoom too much and film rolling, it will save your battery life.

5. However, what if you need to zoom. Use them in important moments. Some keys are to use close ups, especially in precious moments. Other close ups can be edited in post production.

4. The use of a tripod is something that will help in the video editing process. The tripod offers stability to the video camera in a situation where the rotation can capture the actions of guests dancing at a Maple wedding party.

7. The transition from frame to frame is something that separates a novice video editor from an experienced video editor. The more transitions one uses in a video the less time was spent trying to capture a complete segment in the video. So use fewer transitions add value to a video editing process.

8. Have a lot of cutaways when editing a video, it enhances the look of several scenes and it makes for better endings to video segments.

9. It is very important to have music in a video. Music adds so much to a video that this is a must when editing and it enhances a video.

10. When editing a final product, make sure that the intro grabs the attention of the viewer. It is the most compelling part of the video.

Wedding Photo Montages

The wedding Photo Montage: Your Love Story in Pictures

Over the past 10 years, having a wedding photo montage to display at your wedding reception has become an increasingly popular idea. What is a montage? A montage is a collection of pictures or video clips that show the two of you from infancy to today. But there are a few key elements that can change your montage from a home-movie slide show to a dynamic presentation. A well done montage should give guests a window into your personalities and your lives.

Picture selection:

Selecting the right pictures to use in your montage can make all the difference in the world. If it is only a display of your school pictures from every year since kindergarten, it's going to be kind of dull. Certainly a few of your favorite school pictures ought to be included, but you want to find some of your most colorful and exciting pictures.

Look for photos showing you participating sports, hobbies or perhaps standing in front of a famous landmark, or overlooking a beautiful vista. Look for photos that show that you are an interesting person.

Numbers of photos:

A good montage will be balanced in the number of photos it shows. Typically it is preferred to have about one third of the photos of the bride, about one third of the groom, and the remaining third of the couple together. It is also nice if the pictures of the bride and groom age together at about the same rate. This allows the videographer to mix the pictures of the couple (one of her, then one of him, etc.) and watch them grow up together. But it can also work well to have a section of all her pictures, all his pictures, and then them together.

Picture Quality:

Choose pictures that are of good quality. Blurry photos can detract from the quality of your montage. Also avoid very small photographs that require enlargement to use. Enlarging can diminish photo quality and make your images look slightly blurred. Also avoid photos that are over or under exposed.


Your selection of music for your montage is one of the most important elements. It is not only essential that you like the music you select, it needs to match the images in your montage. You will usually want to find something fun for the younger pictures, and end with something romantic. I recommend that clients provide me with several options that they like so I can have options to match the music with the images.


Using the key motion feature in building a montage can allow it to go from a standard family slide show to an exciting and dynamic presentation of the couple. Motion adds emotion and feel to the images and allows them to come alive. A well done montage will provide a nice touch to your wedding day and will help those who attend your reception to feel more connected and a part of your big event. Article Source: James Ellison is a utah wedding videogapher and is a popular writer for Wasatch Bride which teaches free utah wedding planning.