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Wedding Photo, Videography & DJ Packages

Because YOU only have ONE time, ONE Moment to get it done right.

Houston Wedding Center wants to save you money by offerring a package that includes your wedding Videography, Photography, AND Disc Jockey all in one economical Package. Choose from a package below to see the savings that can be had.

If you add the cost of the individual Packages, you can see the savings add up. Not to mention that you can save yourself the stress of worrying about each aspect individually when planning and securing your wedding services.

Houston Wedding Center has the contacts and the resources to make sure that you do not hear those dreaded words days before your big day. "Sorry, we can't make it, something came up." Let us supply your needs with a combination Video, Photo and DJ Wedding Package for your big wedding day.

Extreme Wedding Photo, Video & DJ Package $ 2,899
V.I.P. Wedding Video, Photo & DJ Package $ 3,299
V.I.P. Affordable Wedding Photo, Video & DJ Package $ 3,300
V.I.P. Silver Wedding Photo, Video & DJ Package $ 3,999
V.I.P. Gold Wedding Photo, Video & DJ Package $ 4,500
V.I.P. Extreme Wedding Photo, Video & DJ Package $ 5,199