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Tips When Ordering your Wedding Invitations

What you should know before you order your invitations:

Every bride knows that for her Houston wedding celebration her guests first impression of her wedding comes from the invitation. Invitations not only set the tone for the event but also convey the couples personalities. While searching through hundreds of invitation styles, brides may find themselves being overwhelmed by the choices not to mention the etiquette that should be followed. If you are planning to have a calligrapher address your envelopes your choice of invitation can affect the cost and appearance of the hand lettering. Calligraphy means the art of beautiful writing. You have spent time and money choosing your invitations; adding lovely hand addresses to them is the special, personal touch that will turn your invitations into keepsakes for your guests.

Often, your best bet in ordering invitations comes from visiting your local stationery expert. Houston wedding celebration stationery experts will listen to your thoughts and plans and help you pull all the pieces together so your guests will receive the perfect invitation to the event you've spent so much time planning.

So how do you find your local expert for your Houston wedding celebration? Look in the yellow pages under Invitations. Now that you've found someone local who can help you with your invitations you make plans to stop by the store one afternoon on your lunch hour only to find ordering invitations is not something you can do in 15 minutes. Even with your stationery expert guiding you through multiple invitation albums and writing your order, you can plan on spending a good 2 hours at the store.

Tips to ordering your invitations:

-Bring all the necessary information. This includes the name & address of the ceremony site, reception site, any artwork you need for a map.

- Know how many invitations to order. Remember when counting this number to only count the number of invitations, not the number of guests.

- Make your stop all inclusive. Your stationery store provides a lot more than invitations. Look over your "to do" list, as you will be able to cross off many of these items. Some of these include: thank you cards, informals, programs, napkins, table favors, reception decorations, albums, pens, glasses, garters, flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows, unity candles, gifts for your wedding party, etc.

- Have fun! This is the most important step. Plan on making an event out of it. Bring your mom, maid of honor or maybe even your fiancee. Your wedding is a time of joy and should not be rushed or stressful.

Which ever style of wedding invitations you choose for your Houston wedding celebration, be sure to let your local invitation expert assist you with every step of the process. After all, your wedding is the most important event, so don't just flip through impersonal catalogs and web sites when there is a wonderful person in your town waiting to offer you years of experience.

The Facts about Invitation Design and reation

Ink/paint may bleed or run and the calligrapher may have to take extra steps to treat the paper beforehand in order to write on it. These extra steps may prove either costly or affect the finished product. When shopping for your invitations, take a fountain pen with you. Ask to sample an envelope - if the ink bleeds on the envelope or it is difficult to write on, the calligrapher may face the same problem.

Color of the envelope itself may increase the potential problems. If you choose a dark/opaque envelope, the calligrapher will not be able to use a light box to see the liner he/she uses to guide the writing - each envelope will have to be 'lined' separately and then the guidelines erased . . . another potential glitch.

Even those calligraphers who use a 'phantom liner' to project guidelines onto their project may be stymied by a very dark paper. Color of the writing itself can vary. Calligraphers use inks and paints to letter, depending on your choice of color schemes in your invitation. You can request basic black - flat or glossy - or a color can be mixed to coordinate with your invitation. If you want a 'total look; before you place your order with your printer, you can ask the calligrapher to write out your return address for the back flap, thus having it match the envelope when the calligrapher does each address.

Envelope liners will present an extra challenge for the calligrapher as the liner must be gently pulled out, the guidelines inserted in the envelope, and then the liner must be gently replaced.

This extra handling will increase the cost of each envelope addressed. If you like a lined envelope, there are lovely choices of tissue or pale liners that will not make the envelope too opaque to work with. Not certain? Try placing a dark lined index card in the envelope and holding up to the light; if you can see the lines, then the calligrapher can too.

Fonts Vs Hands. Your computer and printer use fonts to present text - calligraphers have various 'hands' that they write in. If you wish to have your invitation and envelopes to be coordinated, choose several 'fonts' that you like at the printer and show them to your calligrapher. Not every calligrapher can match or write in every font a printer can use . . . it may be easier to match your printer's font to the calligrapher's hand than trying to find a calligrapher that can do a very specific hand - or finding yourself having to pay additional calligraphy fees to do so.

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